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You are 'YOU' and can only be one like you, right? Let's show it that ways! 18 Brand Archetypes to map your personality.

Willing Risk Taker

Accepts uncertainty. Adventurous & lives for experiences.

Skilled Communicator

Sharing wisdom with you with an ability to explain.

Practical Fixer

The go-to person. Continuously improving and solving challenging problems.

Energetic Driver

Result oriented. Demonstrates a positive can-do attitude

Flexible Character

Self-aware. Adapts behaviour to the interpersonal style and needs of others.

Calming Presence

Elegant. Patient, humble and calm under pressure

Smooth Operator

Confident, tactful and knows the politics of relationships.

Inspirational Cheerleader

Inspirational and the opposite virtues of being ordinary.

Sound Decision Maker

Experienced, exercises good judgment when making decisions.

Methodical Organiser

Goals, plans and attention to detail.

Constant Learner

good general knowledge with life skills in their arsenal.

Responsible Citizen

Trustworthy with a high moral and ethics.

Social Networker

Open personality, social and easy to mingle with.

People Manager

Helping you be you (only better)

Conflict Confronter

Willing to speak out and even challenge the status quo.

Considerate Career

The altruist, moved by compassion, generosity and a desire to help others.

Big Picture Thinker

Intuitive, cognitive and caters to a broader perspective.

Imaginative Mind

Creative and innovative with work and life. Ideas are always flickering in the bulb over the head.

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