Shivam Dhawan

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Research and strategy for online businesses. Explore, Experiment, TRY, learn, DO and then drink coffee.

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Corporate Experience

Business Intelligence (BI). Analytics Consultant (WA) . Strategy Advisor (BSA)

2007 - 2012:
Worked at Cognizant Technology Solutions
- MetLife, Health Insurance | Busniess Systems Analyst/ WebTrends Application Developer | 2 years
- TravelPort, Travel | BI Consultant (Analytics) | 1 Month
- Merck & Co., Inc. | WebTrends Administration | 1 Year
- PNMR Electric Utilities | Application Maintenance / Enhancement | 1 Year 6 Months

  • "Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with
    worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success"
  • Thoughts! - when I wander. . . and Experiences - when I write. . .

  • Social, mobility, analytics and cloud are quickly becoming a reality for online businesses.
    I help develop strategy around communication, accesibility, data analysis and web infrastructure.


User-Experience,Web-Analytics to Web Strategy
Entreprenurial ADVENTURES

Fun, dreams, desire and daring to do something that matters to Me and to YOU!

Personal Details
Skills & Tools
Experience Add-ons

In addition to regular elements of corporate essence

2005 – 2007 (Self Employed/Student)
- | Designer / Developer
- | Application Designer / Marketing Strategist
- | Designer / Developer

- | Writer / Blogger / Designer / Developer
- | Social Activist

  • - Spoken at conferences / Trained teams / Delivered seminars across locations
  • - Innovator award @ EnU Practice - for solutions to critical buisness problems
  • - Member of "Inovation Group" to implement strategized innovation in projects
  • - Recognized as “Cognizant DNA” for embodying basic strands of corporation
  • - Earth Day events ('07), Go Green Initiator at Cognizant
  • - Cleared GATE 07 with All India Rank 107 (PI)
  • - Presentated desertation on "Variable Valve Timing" at IIT Roorkee, Genesis '07
  • - Regional marketing head at Rennessaince '05 National Level Tech Fest
  • - Event head at Bhartiyam '06 National Level Tech Fest
  • - Silver Medalist at All India NTSE Science Olympiad with 97%
  • - Won numerous science Quiz and Exhibitions in school
  • A fit to the puzzle?
  • Objective is to attract employers in IT industry looking for specialist in web technologies and trends to work as a Business Analyst
  • Web strategy | Branding | Analytics
  • Hire me + Add to network


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Other stuff:

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What's behind!

Inspired by creative web portfolios of developers,
infographic resumes of designers and video intros
by speakers, I thought of how a web strategist would
present himself. I want to showcase my skills by actually
showcasing my skills.
Lots of people have already succeeded at building
Bootstrap based websites and apps. So there is no need
to tell over and over again how cool this thing is. All
that is left is to enjoy the yields of this awesome